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Subzero’s Polar PDUs

Power management in the data center is all about being connected.

Whether you need to connect past technology to current standards or prepare current technology for what’s coming in the future — you need a Power Management Partner that provides cutting edge products along with the ability to choose functionality. You also need the ability to correlate cooling airflow with power distribution.

Power & Cooling — You can’t have one without the other.

Partner with Subzero for your Power Management Solution.

Subzero Engineering now combines our cutting edge containment and cabinet solutions with power management. These items combined create the most powerful ‘plug and play’ solution in the industry.

Power + InfraStrut Cabinets + Containment

Over 200 configurations of the Polar PDUs are available to be custom configured to our Arctic Enclosures that are then modularly connected to our containment for a precise fit and function. Designed, manufactured, and shipped together means faster delivery and setup.

Polar Power — Turn IT on.