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What is a Hyperscale
Data Center?


Hyperscale — Scaling at Hyperspeed


Hyperscale data centers are not only larger than typical enterprise data centers, they also need to be able to scale quickly and largely, which creates a unique set of issues to work with. To put it in perspective, hyperscale data centers are usually defined as a having a minimum of 5,000 servers, and 10,000 square feet, with a lot being significantly larger than that. These data centers are owned by “big tech” companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, and Facebook to name a few.

Most smaller data centers can rely on an out-of-the-box containment solution, but for hyperscale data centers, it is important that they can customize nearly every aspect of their solution to make sure that it can support their growing data demands.

Subzero has completed numerous hyperscale jobs and has worked with our customers to design flexible, efficient, quick to deploy, and easy-to-scale solutions to solve their needs.

Hyperscale Meet AisleFrame

The AisleFrame Essential Structure provides a method for the rapid deployment of infrastructure support and aisle containment. It can be erected quickly and placed in a building that does not have an expensive structural ceiling. This allows mission-critical facilities to build and scale data centers quickly and efficiently.