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Simplex Cleanrooms


Customize your curtains and strip doors to fit your needs with a variety of mounting and closure systems


Vinyl components to perfectly tailor your vinyl solutions

We offer a variety of mounting and closure systems for our vinyl curtains and strip doors, allowing you to customize your curtains and strip doors to fit your need.

One of the hallmarks of our business is our recognition that every industry has specific needs when it comes to using a cleanroom or other types of isolation challenges. We have always been on the vanguard of development when it comes to PVC materials, from the most basic vinyl strip materials, to those applications that need static-resistant properties and even fire-rated vinyl options.

Exhaustively tested materials

We also do exhaustive testing of these PVC materials to certify that they will perform in the manner you need them to. Higher product yields, fewer problems from regulatory authorities, and performance unrivaled in the industry.

All Simplex vinyl softwall materials are fully tested. Test results are available for fire retardancy, ESD, outgassing, sound abatement, chemical resistance and light transmission. Refer to our data sheets for complete test results on the material required.