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Data Center Containment Accessories

Containment accessories help optimize the functionality of the implemented hot and cold aisle containment


Fine-tune your airflow management and increase data center efficiency

Research continually shows that within a data center facility the mixing of hot and cold air should be separated through hot or cold aisle containment to make the operation of the data center more energy efficient.

Containment also allows the equipment to operate at ASHRAE TC 9.9 guidelines, which improves the critical equipment functionality, and uptime and increases energy efficiency.

Subzero Engineering’s containment accessories help optimize the functionality of the implemented hot and cold aisle containment. We provide customized solutions for data center facility airflow management needs. Our accessories accommodate hot aisle containment as well as cold aisle containment to create a total aisle containment solution.

Benefits of Airflow Management

  • Complete Containment Solution
  • Optimizes Cooling of Critical IT Equipment
  • Increases AC Cooling Capacity
  • Improves Rack Density
  • Fills Unused Rack Space
  • Provides Consistent Airflow Supply
  • Eliminates Cooling Leaks
  • Saves Energy and Lowers CostCreates a Greener Data Center Environment


How Accessories Increase Data Center Containment Functionality

The diagram shows how Subzero’s airflow management solutions can be used effectively in directing hot and cold airflow within a data center. See details of specific products utilized in the sample configuration below.

Data Center Containment Accessory

Egg Crate Ceiling Grill

Our Egg Crate Ceiling Grill airflow management solution is an important tool in helping design an energy-efficient data center. It is designed to work with the natural properties of rising hot air.

The Subzero Engineering Egg Crate Ceiling Grille is used most effectively with hot aisle containment to allow hot IT equipment exhaust air to pass into the drop-ceiling void and be directed back to the AC unit. This allows for warmer, dryer air to return to the AC unit. As a result, the AC unit functions more efficiently and can provide increased cooling.

Data Center Containment Accessory

Blanking Panels

Blanking panels are an integral part of any data center airflow management solution.

When empty spaces in racks are left uncovered this allows by-pass airflow to create inner rack recirculation. This causes inconsistent temperature along the rack face and makes it difficult to manage a consistent temperature along the cold aisle. By using blanking panels to fill up those empty spaces we eliminate these issues. The Subzero blanking panels prevent the transfer of hot or cold airflow by occupying unused rack space at each U.

Our blanking panels are made from UL specifications that meet or exceed data center standards.

Does your project demand more?

Customize any solution with our Elite Series products and upgrades

Tailor fit your containment solutions with the Elite Series — featuring top-of-the-line materials, a sleek look and feel, dependable design, and a limited lifetime warranty. The Elite Series enables us to offer customized full-scale turn-key solutions for our customers in a bundled service.

    All of our Elite products can be highly customized to meet specific requirements
    Slim and refined Elite profiles, upgraded finishes and soft closing details
    Gain peace of mind with our extended lifetime warranty for all Elite Series products
    We provide white-glove installation service and custom on-site fabrication in your critical data center environment