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ESSENTIAL Containment

Data Center Security Caging

Optimal solutions for subdividing spaces within data centers and ensuring enhanced security levels in server rooms.


Discover unparalleled security solutions with Subzero Engineering’s latest innovation – Data Center Security Caging

Why Choose Subzero Engineering’s Data Center Cages?

In environments demanding heightened security or strategic subdivision, our security and server cage systems emerge as the perfect solution. This innovative concept seamlessly combines enhanced security with unimpeded access, presenting a space-saving approach ideal for individual users, multiple tenants, or enterprise-wide security needs.

Impressive, Durable, and Secure

Elevate your data center’s aesthetics while reinforcing its security measures. A Subzero Engineering Enclosures cage is not just robust and secure but also exudes a captivating design that underscores your commitment to quality and security. Impress clients with a security solution that goes beyond expectations.

Tailored Options for Your Deployment

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer a range of cage, suite, and server cabinet options, ensuring a perfect fit for your equipment size, power, and cooling requirements. Our solutions provide layers of physical security, safeguarding your deployment with precision and reliability.

Custom Solutions for Unique Needs

Have specific requirements for your data center cage? We’ve got you covered. Subzero Engineering offers comprehensive design services and tailored solutions to meet any product specification. Rely on our expert resources and engineering capabilities to support your server room cage needs, from concept to production.


Key Features

  • Advanced Physical Security:
    Our cage systems, featuring corner posts, center posts, panels, and secure doors, provide an additional layer of physical security. Built to the durable standards of our cabinets and enclosures, the rugged steel construction ensures structural integrity.
  • Integration with Existing Infrastructure:
    The open, yet secure, design allows seamless circulation of air, cooling systems, light, and fire suppression throughout the secured area. Easily reconfigure the system as needed without the constraints of level floors and precise alignment.
  • Flexible Design and Easy Installation:
    Utilizing standard panels, our cage systems offer flexible design options. Panels easily bolt together, shipped pre-sized, eliminating the need for cutting or grinding during installation. Enjoy a hassle-free setup with all necessary hardware included.

Product Options

  • Powder Coat Colors:
    Choose from nine powder coat color options to match your aesthetic preferences.
  • Secure Server Cage Sizes:
    Standard heights and flexible linear widths and depths accommodate various equipment sizes. Custom panel sizes and solid panels are also available.
  • Security Cage Modifications: Tailor your security cage with common modifications, including unique size panels, multiple gauge options, French or custom doors, outdoor options with a corrosion-resistant finish, various perforation sizes, lock compatibility, custom colors matching RAL paint chips, extensions, and ceiling panels.

Does your project demand more?

Customize any caging solution

Entrust Subzero Engineering with your unique data center security needs. We offer expert design services and solutions to bring your vision to life, ensuring the utmost security for your valuable equipment. Request a quote today and experience the reliability of Subzero Engineering’s custom solutions.

Ready to elevate your data center’s security? Contact us today to discuss your unique requirements and experience the unmatched quality of Subzero Engineering’s Data Center Security Caging.

    All of our Elite products can be highly customized to meet specific requirements
    Slim and refined Elite profiles, upgraded finishes and soft closing details
    Gain peace of mind with our extended lifetime warranty for all Elite Series products
    We provide white-glove installation service and custom on-site fabrication in your critical data center environment