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What is a Legacy Data Center?


Legacy Data Centers — Refitting with Efficiency in mind


When we think of data centers, we normally think about new build data centers, but there are thousands of older data centers out there that could benefit from much needed updates. Data center use has shifted from simple servers to enabling hybrid digital infrastructures. Many legacy data centers were top-of-the-line facilities when they were built, but technology changes fast and many of these facilities are now missing out on easy to implement solutions that can reduce their energy costs, lower their PUE, and decrease their environmental impact.

With governments now cracking down on energy efficiency in the data center industry it is of the utmost importance that these older facilities are brought up to date and are able to lower their energy usage and carbon footprint.

Modular Data Center Containment Solutions | Subzero Engineering

Computational Fluid Dynamics

CFD plays a vital role when it comes to data center retrofit and helping improve the efficiency and performance of legacy data centers. It allows the owner or operator to simulate endless combinations of racks, cabinets, cabling, and mechanical and engineering (M&E) equipment for greater optimization.

CFD modeling shows that regardless of installing cold or hot aisle containment, cooling supply temperatures can be increased which will increase efficiency and save money.

Modular Data Center Containment Solutions | Subzero Engineering

Data Center Containment

Either cold aisle or hot aisle containment is an excellent way to improve efficiency and power density, since both prevent the cold supply and hot exhaust air from mixing in the data center. This results in higher cooling supply temperatures, lower CRAC fan speeds, a lower carbon footprint, a lower PUE, and significant energy bill savings just to name a few. A ROI between 6 and 18 months is very common after most containment projects.