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Simplex Materials

Rigorously tested Simplex PVC materials guaranteed to have higher product yields and unrivaled performance


We are the vanguard of the development for PVC materials

One of the hallmarks of our business is our recognition that every industry has specific needs when it comes to using a cleanroom or other types of isolation challenges. We have always been on the vanguard of development when it comes to PVC materials, from the most basic vinyl strip materials to those applications that need static-resistant properties and even fire-rated vinyl.

We also do exhaustive testing of Simplex PVC materials to certify that they will perform in the manner you need them to. Higher product yields, fewer problems from regulatory authorities, and performance unrivaled in the industry.

Rigorously Tested Materials

All Simplex vinyl softwall materials are fully tested. Test results are available for fire retardancy, ESD, outgassing, sound abatement, chemical resistance and light transmission. Refer to our data sheets for complete test results on the material required.

All Simplex materials are available as bulk rolls, as well as in strips and curtains

We guarantee that our Simplex PVC materials will perform in the manner you need them to. Higher product yields, unrivaled performance, and fewer problems from regulatory authorities

Quality Guaranteed. Performance Guaranteed.

Our Complete Selection of Highly Vetted Materials

  • Standard Vinyl Compound

    Our Standard Compound vinyl strip material is the best in the industry. It is designed and formulated to resist yellowing, curling, and cracking, even in the harshest outdoor environments. Available in a clear, reinforced, frosted matte finish and scratch-resistant raised rib strips.
  • Solid, Opaque, and Tinted Colors

    Opaque vinyl strips are available in black and white. Amber tint is suitable for light blocking. Amber tint .080 mil, red tint .040 mil, and grey smoke .120 mil are all certified for welding applications. Grey smoke tint also reduces heat buildup from sunlight. Orange tint can be used for OSHA safety marker strips. Black is excellent for laser and darkroom applications. Contact the factory for custom colors.
  • USDA and Super Low-Temperature Vinyl

    Designed primarily for low-temperature applications such as walk-in freezers, frozen food warehouses, and extremely cold outdoor climate areas, this PVC material is available with reinforced cords to keep these softer formulated vinyl strips from stretching or sagging, a requirement for use in medium temperature areas that require USDA formulations. Scratch resistant ribs are also available.
  • Static Dissipating Anti-Static Vinyl

    Designed for use in static-sensitive applications such as semiconductor chip manufacturing, explosive environments and extremely dusty applications. The PVC strips will not hold a charge and attract less dust to their surface.
  • PolySim

    This non-outgassing material is made from an inherently static dissipative urethane that provides permanent, non-humidity dependent ESD protection for sensitive manufacturing conditions such as computer disc drives, electronics and aerospace. There is no plasticizer used in PolySim, making the volatile condensable contaminants extremely low. Because PolySim is an alloy using high molecular weight materials, the static dissipation properties are permanent. PolySim is also Class 1 fire rated per flame spread and smoke test.
  • FlexSim

    FlexSim is a Simplex exclusive fire-resistant transparent PVC curtain. It meets and exceeds the new NFPA 701 small scale and ASTM E-84 standards for fire-resistance. FlexSim is the only domestically-made Class 1 fire rated clear vinyl, with the lowest smoke and flame spread ratings available. Our proprietary formula of non-phthalate plasticizers meets U.S. and European requirements for an environmentally friendly material and it’s priced to help you meet fire safety requirements, while staying within your budget.