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Simplex Cleanrooms


Provide two way visibility while preventing dust, cold air and noise from moving between separated areas


Strip Doors for all applications

We design and manufacture PVC strip doors for the smallest applications: a personnel door in your manufacturing area or walk-in cooler, to the largest applications: guarding the warehouse and loading dock doors of your facility. We can supply a strip door for any environmental or temperature control application.

Simplex vinyl strip doors can also protect against contamination in cleanroom environments. Specify anti-static PVC strips for electronics manufacturing, or use our heavy-duty strips curtains on warehouse loading docks to keep out dust, birds, and insects. Whatever your manufacturing or warehousing challenge is, when it comes to environmental or temperature control, we have a solution for you.

Simplex Strip Door Advantages

    Other manufacturers use the antiquated bolt-up method to mount their strips curtains, putting stress on the strips at the mounting point, where the strips will eventually fatigue and then fail. We base all of our mountings on a bonded bead design that allows the strips to pivot freely. This creates less stress, and longer lasting PVC strip curtains. In fact, our strip doors have a lifetime guarantee against failure at the mounting point!
    We don’t use recycled grind in our PVC vinyls. Everything is 100% pure, so Simplex strip doors last longer without yellowing or cracking. Strip curtains are shipped flat in reinforced boxes. They hang straight and true the first time without curling. We also offer materials for special applications, including FDA-approved low temperature PVC strips for freezer applications, and PolySim, a thermal plastic urethane that has permanent anti-static properties and meets ASTM E-84 standards and is Class 1 fire rated, with the lowest smoke ratings of any clear material on the market.
    Choose from standard quality clear vinyl strips, colored vinyl strips, ventilated strips, and even sound blocking materials. Use alternating strips of clear and frosted to prevent strips from sticking together. Heavy duty ribbed materials can stand up to abuse from forklifts and pallet jacks. We can provide Class 1 fire rated clear PVC, as well as materials that can withstand freezing temperatures without getting brittle or cracking.


Explore our full line of strip doors below

Industrial Strip Doors

ArmorBond Strip Doors perform under the most demanding industrial conditions

Refrigeration Strip Doors

Prevent 80% to 90% of air loss experienced when you only use conventional refrigerator doors

Personnel Strip Doors

A low-cost, high-quality solution for managing environments

Ventilated Strip Doors

Ventilated Strips and Panels keep flying debris out while allowing fresh air to pass through

Colored Strip Doors

Colored stock room strip doors are available in tinted colors or opaque black and white

Cleanroom Strip Doors

AirBlock™ Strip Systems are ideal for a variety of light-traffic uses