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Subzero engineering

Six Key Differentiators

Make a confident decision — Learn the specific advantages that set our products and services apart from the competition

Yes! We can.

Meet the specific efficiency requirements and high demands of your data center and Critical Environments

In combining Subzero’s proud data center containment and CFD consulting history with Simplex’s unrivalled clean room pedigree, we have created the global leader in modular, specialist critical environment infrastructure solutions. Here are just six compelling, key differentiators to consider when it comes to selecting your next critical environment infrastructure solutions partner.

Supporting you every step of the way, from concept to implementation to long-term maintenance

  • Innovation Excellence
  • Consulting and Design
  • Data Center Infrastructure
  • Cleanroom Construction
  • Performance Optimization
  • Global Reach
Differentiator 1


Our containment, micro data center and clean room solutions help our customers to improve the sustainability performance of their critical infrastructure environments and provide a significant carbon footprint reduction for their business.

Differentiator 2


We can deliver standard or fully bespoke containment and clean room solutions in efficient timeframes – from design, manufacture, installation and commissioning – offering a high degree of unmatched infrastructure flexibility.

Differentiator 3

Cost Savings

Depending on the type of containment, micro data center or clean room application, we are confident that we can provide customers with significant savings over alternative solutions (typically 25-30%), thanks to our innovative construction techniques.

Differentiator 4


Subzero Engineering is a single trusted vendor providing global services to support our customers every step of the way – from initial consultation + concept, through design, installation and commissioning, to long-term service + maintenance and project lifecycle optimization.

Differentiator 5


Investing in data center infrastructure or clean room solutions is a major business decision. While many vendors try and make their technology fit a customer’s requirements, we start with the question: ‘What is it you want to achieve?’ And we can then provide the simplest, most comprehensive solution, avoiding unnecessary complexity, costs and time delays.

Differentiator 6


Our technology solutions philosophy can best be summarised as providing optimized performance efficiency, whether that’s for hot or cold aisle containment, a micro data center, or a clean room solution. This is the vision that’s been driving the company since its formation, and one that we know is highly valued by our ever-growing customer base.