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Whatever the containment, data center or cleanroom project, intelligent design ensures the best fit, finish, protection and optimized solution performance.

The success of your Critical Environment is dependant on intellegent design

Superior mission-critical facility solutions require intelligent design to ensure proper fit and finish. Subzero Engineering’s design services provide the most accurate way to move from conception to solution. By utilizing SolidWorks and other software, our in-house design staff is able to convert conceptual designs into reliable, accurate, and detailed models of your facility’s solution. Our 3D models realistically display what a solution will look like in your uniquely designed facility. These detailed drawings help create accurate BOMs for error-free orders and exceptional installations.


How we can assist in creating a custom solution for your facility

Industry-Leading Design
for New and Legacy Facilities

Every critical environment, whether new construction or a legacy retrofit, has its own unique set of conditions and circumstances. Our custom solutions are adapted to your environment.

Site Walkthroughs

In-person site walk-throughs with each client allow our team of engineers to gain a deeper understanding of your unique situation and design a more comprehensive long-term solution.

Designed Solutions

Our modular solutions are completely adaptable and are designed to meet your specific needs and specifications.

Complete Drawings and
3D Representation for Review and Approval

Detailed 3D renderings and technical drawings help you visualize your custom solution before production and implementation.

ROI Calculations
for Capital Budgeting

Efficiently designed Critical Environment solutions translate to direct energy savings. We can calculate the long-term cost savings for your facility

35+ Years of Experience in
Creating Custom Solutions

Subzero Engineering has a multi-decade proven track record in Critical Environment Solutions


A Custom Designed Solution…
Every Time

We provide a custom-designed solution for each project that we are engaged in. Over the years we have designed solutions for every type of scenario and “problem” imaginable. Our experience and knowledge of the data center and cleanroom industries provide us with the expertise to design, manufacture, and install custom solutions with a superior fit and finish.