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Essential Micro Edge Data Center

Allowing Users to Define Their Own Edge


Turn-key, Building Agnostic Micro Edge Data Center

Subzero Engineering introduces its Essential Micro Data Center, the world’s first modular, vendor agnostic and truly flexible modular micro data center architecture. Available for order in the United States of America, United Kingdom and Europe, the Essential Micro Data Center meets customer demands for a standardized, premium quality, cost-competitive and quick-to-install edge infrastructure system, that provides a reduced total cost of ownership of between 20%-30%.

Based on its Essential Series and AisleFrame product lines, the Essential Micro Data Center is a small-footprint, on-premises data center, engineered for distributed and remote infrastructure environments. Its modular architecture includes white-glove installation and support, power, cooling, infrastructure conveyance and containment. All of which are housed within a pre-fabricated, factory-assembled, modular room, and shipped flat-packed to site.

With increased requirements for real-time data processing, low latency, greater security and automation, the Essential Micro Data Center ensures predictability and performance for distributed applications. Furthermore, its customizable, modular design offers a fast, flexible and easy-to-build micro data center system, perfectly suited for colocation, 5G, retail, enterprise and industrial environments.

Micro Edge Data Center Benefits

  • Faster services
  • Minimal latency
  • Mission critical data, applications, and services for edge-based processing and storage
  • Real time access to data
  • Quick deployment
  • Easy to relocate if needed
  • Temporary or permanent applications
  • Fully enclosed for security and safety
  • Enhanced experience for your customers and/or employees
  • Flexibility, versatility and speed
  • Can be built in any existing warehouse or office space


Strength, Security, and Customization

The Essential Micro Data Center is comprised of two parts including a physically secure, modular room containing critical power and cooling infrastructure, and Subzero’s high-strength AisleFrame. Using this approach, the Essential Micro Data Center can support a variety of load requirements and includes built-in, customizable containment, integrated with self-supporting ceiling modules and insert panels available in ABS, acrylic, polycarbonate, aluminum or glass.

Further, its flexible, vendor-agnostic design provides users with the ability to custom-specify their own choice of power and cooling infrastructure. This approach helps overcome the challenge of having to use inflexible, pre-specified power and cooling systems in a containerized system while retaining the ability to standardize, repeat and scale quickly, as business requirements change.


Customers find the perfect fit

“The Essential Micro Data Center’s flexible design makes it a perfect fit for customers searching for an alternative to the obstinate and expensive, pre-integrated solutions currently available. Our vendor-agnostic approach to component specification, combined with rapid speed of and installation and lower TCO, ensures customers can truly define and scale the edge on their own terms.”


Define and scale the edge on your own terms

Experience Subzero’s commitment to delivering customer-focused, efficient and precision-engineered digital infrastructure solutions.