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What is an Edge Data Center?


Edge Data Centers — Speed at the Edge


Getting an exact definition of an edge data center may depend on whom you ask, but edge data centers are typically a smaller type or kind of data center than the core data center they support. They are also located close to the populations they serve. They typically connect to a larger central data center or even multiple data centers. But one thing all edge data centers have in common, they process data and services as close to the end user as possible, which allows the owner or the edge data center the ability to reduce data latency and improve the user experience.

Today’s data centers move high amounts of data, at times thousands of miles away from end users, but that’s changing. Demand at the edge is increasing dramatically requiring more edge deployments, estimated at 12-15% increase year over year. To meet this demand, the Essential Micro Data Center from Subzero Engineering is the perfect solution.

Essential Micro Data Center

The Subzero Essential Micro Data Center is a highly efficient, reliable, and scalable edge data center that the customer defines instead of the provider defining for them. It comes equipped with everything needed except the IT stack and outside power. It is also equipped with full containment to separate the cold supply from the hot exhaust air to maximize energy efficiency, reduce energy costs, and lower the carbon footprint.

The Subzero Essential Micro Data Center is a game changer when it comes to scalable edge infrastructures, both now and into the future.