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Subzero Engineering Business Philosophy Keeps the Cogs in Motion

Comments by Doug Kilgariff
Director Technical Environments & Data Center Solutions

The reason I joined Subzero Engineering — A culture of shared success!

Wishin’ and Hopin’ and Thinkin’ and Prayin’. 

Sometimes a song, good or bad, get’s stuck in your head. I was in the middle of a deep thought on business connectivity when I heard Wishin’ and Hopin’ and Thinkin’ and Prayin’ and I thought of the irony of it as it relates to business creation. It sounds a lot like the growth strategy that some business owners are employing these days. Now, I’m not saying that it’s the conscience direction that some business owners are moving in, but more like a natural default. It happens when the crazy, chaotic, whirling dervish of business life spins so fast.

Doing the same thing and expecting new results! 

We all know the saying about “doing the same things and expecting a new result”.  The bottom line is it just doesn’t work. Leadership with vision realizes this and looks to change when necessary to grow. I’ve seen really good companies lose their way because of stale thinking and antiquated methodology – they become disconnected.  When sales are down disconnected companies fall back to the old practices of cutting services, people, and quality. They start pounding the pavement in a vain effort to regain lost momentum without a clear understanding of why their business is suffering and how it got there. This is typically when the good people in the company leave and the company will slowly become irrelevant and die off.

It all starts with a direction and planning! 

This simplistic process can make an immediate impact on the health of the company moving forward. Direction starts with a good plan that takes into consideration the needs of the company, the clients, as well as the greater community. Planning is the most overlooked and under utilized business practice today. The great companies have the foresight to tap into the creative and intellectual capabilities of their people to create direct, and focused planning.

The Power of Positive Communication! 

Now I’m not knocking the power of positive thoughts, but alone they are just that… thoughts. Positive action and positive belief coupled with massive action planning is far more valuable. Identifying growth opportunities and connecting the company internally starts with simple communication.  Communication, however, is the first thing that typically disintegrates and then conflicts between, and within, departments tend to arise. To mitigate this, smart companies invest time and resources to on-going process refinement, as well as the continuing education of all employees. A clear cultural success strategy is also necessary for growth.

I came to Subzero because of the culture and the people.

We take risks, we challenge ideas, we encourage debate and we act on each other’s strengths. Our tradition is to continuously develop and promote a culture of shared success. Shared success that is based on a foundational belief that each person is acting in the best interest of the company, our clients, our partners, and each other. We are invested in each other’s successes, and embrace and encourage when we misstep. We empower to act! It creates an unbelievably vibrant dynamic that encourages opinions, and gives each of us a platform. Everyone has a voice! Everyone is encouraged to contribute, and everyone is expected to participate. It helps create and maintain a healthy company and defines our mission.

Transparency and communication! 

We are advocates for our clients! We are committed to doing business the right way. These are not statements we take lightly.  Transparency, communication, integrity and innovation are what keep us focused and committed. All are true measures of our culture. It’s what we wear proudly and what we proudly offer to our clients and partners.

Our simple promise! 

There is a huge value to positivity in business and in life. I try to live my life every day with the belief that good things are always around me. True success starts and ends with the right people, the right vision and certainly the right planning. Our promise is simple; we will always provide the best of us.