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Seeing is Believing

Subzero Data Center cold and/or hot aisle containment is the best way to lower intake temperature to IT equipment.

What the Evidence Shows in Real Time

The IBM data center efficiency group in New York wanted the same proof. Gerry Weber an engineering consultant at IBM along with other monitoring technicians recorded a time-lapse video that shows the containment install along side of the temperature changes.

In the video, you can see the temperature dropped nearly 14 degrees in a 5 hour period! What the video does not display is that the temperature across the face of the IT intake did not vary more than one degree.

Subzero Engineering has similar data from numerous data centers with an average of a 10 degree in supply temperature. At the same time the intake Relative Humidity Levels were increased by over 20%.

What does this mean for data center operators?

  1. Consistent supply temperatures
  2. Increase use of rack space due to consistent supply temperatures at the top of the rack.
  3. Predictable supply temperatures make it easy to anticipate cooling solutions when an increase of thermal load or kW is introduced to the space.
  4. Maximize cooling efficiency by adopting ASHRAE increase in temperature.
  5. Convert cooling energy to IT equipment.