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Rethinking Data Center Design to Maximize Efficiency

NEW WHITEPAPER explains why efficiency-optimized data center design and operation has never been more critical

An environmentally friendly data center is always a cost-effective data center.

Flooding the data center with cold supply air, regardless of the cooling system or technology used, results in a simple, flexible design that’s both extremely energy efficient and sustainable. Hot aisle containment (HAC), installed on slab flooring, separates the cold supply air from the hot exhaust air and a plenum ceiling returns the exhaust air back to the cooling units.

This will make new and future data centers greener and more environmentally conscious.

This White Paper will answer these questions

  • Why are both large hyperscale and smaller data centers moving towards this layout? 
  • What makes this design simpler and more versatile? 
  • How does design effect airflow and cooling optimization? 
  • What makes it energy efficient and sustainable?  What about equipment reliability? 

And provide insight on the following topics

  • Raised Floor Versus Slab Floor
  • When To Use Raised Floors
  • When To Use Slab Floors
  • Slab Floors Simplify Cooling IT Equipment
  • Containment Options
  • Maximizing Energy Efficiency & Sustainability