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NYI Rolls Out New Cold Aisle Containment System Within Data Centers

New York, NY

Deployment of Cold Aisle Containment Technology Reduces Energy Usage and Optimizes Equipment Performance

a New York company specializing in customized technology infrastructure solutions, announces today the deployment of Cold Aisle technology to its US data center facilities. As part of an initiative to implement the latest energy efficiency technologies, NYI is working closely with The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), sharing the state agency’s mission of exploring innovative energy solutions in ways that improve New York’s economy and environment. NYI’s CAC deployment is made possible through its partner, Subzero Engineering, a designer, manufacturer, and installer of custom, intelligent containment systems and products for data centers, worldwide.

Data Center Cold Aisle Containment fully separates the cold supply airflow from the hot equipment exhaust air. This simple separation creates a uniform and predictable supply temperature to the intake of IT equipment and a warmer, drier return air to the AC coil. Hot aisle and cold aisle containment are primary ways today’s leading businesses, like NYI, help reduce the use of energy and optimize equipment performance within their data centers.

“By adopting Cold Aisle Containment, NYI is increasing air efficiencies within its facilities, thereby translating to increased uptimes, longer hardware life and valuable cost and energy savings for NYI customers,” comments Lloyd Mainers, Engineer for Subzero Engineering. “Through efficiency, CAC also allows for the availability of additional capacity and increased load density, paving the way for higher density customer deployments.”

“When it comes to data center capacity, NYI is constantly monitoring our power density levels to ensure that we are spreading the capacity throughout our data centers most efficiently and decreasing our effect on the environment,” adds Mark Ward, Director of Business Development of NYI. “Cold Aisle Containment helps us to attain that level of efficiency, and not to mention, there are several government and cash incentives for incorporating it into our facilities. Above all, our customers benefit in that their equipment is cooled more effectively, reducing strain on the equipment’s own cooling mechanism and extending the lifespan of their servers.”

NYI Cold Aisle Containment Benefits include:

• Predictable, reliable, and consistent temperature to IT equipment at any point inside the aisle
• One (1) degree temperature difference from top to bottom
• Double or triple kW per rack
• Reduced white space requirements through optimized server racks
• Average of 30% energy cost savings
• Consistent, acceptable supply to IT intake
• Leaves more power available for IT equipment; increased equipment uptime
• Longer hardware life
• Increased fault tolerance (i.e. HVAC units that were required to achieve certain temperature goals are now redundant.)
• US Department of Energy recommended