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Data Center

How Subzero Engineering Tackles Industry Challenges

In this episode of “The Data Center Experts,” join Chris Williams, Data Center Sales Manager at Subzero Engineering, as he takes us on a journey through the intricacies of Subzero’s highly customized projects and what sets us apart.

The insightful discussion also covers:

  • Subzero’s customer-centric approach and the significance of active listening in delivering TURNKEY SOLUTIONS
  • The economic benefits of containment and how it pays for itself
  • The invaluable support provided by a Sales Application Engineer to the customer
  • Exploring the distinctions between Subzero’s Essential and Elite lines
  • Recognizing the critical role of a dedicated Project Manager

Don’t miss out on this enlightening conversation with Chris Williams!


Customer First: The Heart of Our Solutions

In this episode of “The Expert Series” we welcome Liz Carranza, Customer Service Representative. Join us as Liz highlights the paramount importance of exceptional customer service and the central role it plays in our solutions, where the customer always comes first.

During our conversation, we also delve into:

  • Effective problem-solving strategies.
  • The unique and vibrant company culture at Subzero Engineering.
  • Our dedication to advocating for customers.

Tune in for this enlightening discussion with Liz Carranza!

Data Center

Subzero’s Quality and Legacy

In this episode of “The Data Center Expert Series,” we join Jim Cook, Data Center Solutions Manager at Subzero Engineering, as he sheds light on the remarkable capabilities of the Subzero site service teams, showcasing how their expertise has been instrumental in shaping Subzero’s reputation.

During our conversation, we also explore:

  • The value of Subzero Engineering’s site services
  • Why data centers still use containment
  • The Subzero difference

Don’t miss this thought-provoking discussion where we unveil the excellence, legacy, and distinctive attributes that define Subzero Engineering in the dynamic realm of data centers.

Data Center

Proactive Project Management at Subzero Engineering

In this episode of “The Data Center Expert Series,” accompany Brian Baskett, Project Manager at Subzero Engineering, as he delves into the realm of Proactive Project Management and its significance to a successful turnkey project.

The discussion also covers:

  • The importance of attention to detail for customer satisfaction
  • Strategies to mitigate the potential for human errors in large-scale projects
  • Processes for ensuring quality control
  • The value of utilizing site services
  • Why Subzero continually strives for the best solutions

Don’t miss out on this enriching episode as Brian shares invaluable insights into the world of proactive project management at Subzero Engineering!


Subzero Engineering’s Scope of Solutions

Embark on a journey with Todd Anderson, our Marketing Director, in this episode of “The Expert Series” as he navigates through Subzero Engineering’s expansive Scope of Solutions.

Our conversation delves into:

  • The Possibilities of Subzero Solutions
  • Expert advice for exploring data center containment options online
  • Exploring the diverse product lines offered by Subzero
  • Exciting opportunities for employees within the Subzero community
  • Unveiling the features of the Simplex Cleanroom product line
  • Understanding Subzero’s engaging process in collaboration with customers

Don’t miss out on this enlightening episode with Todd Anderson!

Data Center

Leading Innovation with Experience

In the latest installment of “The Data Center Expert Series,” accompany Craig Richardson, Data Center Sales Manager at Subzero Engineering, as he navigates through the dynamic landscape of the industry spanning the last 30+ years.

The engaging discussion covers:

  • How Subzero Engineering delivers turnkey solutions for critical environments
  • The journey of customer experience, from initial contact to project completion
  • What sets Subzero Engineering apart from competitors
  • A detailed exploration of Subzero’s diverse data center containment lines

Don’t miss this enlightening conversation with Craig Richardson!

Data Center

Subzero Engineering and EMEA Partners

In the third installment of The Data Center Expert Series, we speak to Craig Brown, Channel Manager, EMEA. Craig speaks to the process of onboarding potential new partners, what he’s most excited about in the channel right now, and the vision for a potential Subzero Engineering “Partner Program”?

Other key discussion points and takeaways from this episode include:

  • Trends in the EMEA area
  • How Subzero Engineering chooses, works with and supports partners
  • Internal collaboration
  • Customer success stories

Manufacturing at Subzero Engineering

Meet Duane Simpson, our Director of Operations, in this episode of “The Expert Series.” Join us as Duane walks you through Subzero Engineering’s solution-based thinking and how we open doors for employees within manufacturing.

Tune in to:

  • Gain valuable insights into manufacturing at Subzero Engineering
  • Uncover the crucial role of Manufacturing in delivering our turnkey solutions.

  • Learn about Subzero Engineering’s effective approach to addressing customer concerns.

  • Explore the avenues for career development within the manufacturing domain.

Don’t skip this insightful discussion with Duane Simpson!


Simplex Cleanroom Success Stories

In this episode of “The Cleanroom Expert Series,” join Chris Lindlar, Sales Manager at Subzero Engineering, as he dives into Simplex Cleanroom Success Stories.

Our conversation also explores:

  • Cleanroom ISO Classifications
  • The different types of cleanrooms
  • The Simplex Cleanroom product line
  • Success stories from the Aerospace, Pharma, and inject moulding industries
  • The industries that benefit from a MODULAR cleanroom

Don’t miss this enlightening episode featuring Chris Lindlar!


Site Services – An Integral Part of Subzero Engineering’s Turnkey Solutions

Step into this captivating episode of “The Expert Series” with Shane Buchman, our Site Services Manager, as he discusses Site Services and how it’s an integral part of Subzero Engineering’s turnkey solutions.

Our conversation further explores:

  • Seamless internal collaboration within the site services team
  • Unveiling the diverse capabilities of the site services team
  • The adaptability that defines the site services team
  • Examples of the service team heroically “saving the day”

Don’t miss this insightful episode with Shane Buchman! It’s a journey into the indispensable world of Site Services at Subzero Engineering