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Host.net Cold Aisle Containment significantly impacts Boca Raton Colocation data center efficiency

Host.net is a multinational provider of managed infrastructure services focusing on Colocation, Cloud Computing, Connectivity and Continuity

Host.net announces the installation of a Cold Aisle Containment(CAC) System in their Boca Raton Colocation facility.

“The CAC project is the final stage of a year-long initiative to increase efficiency in our data centers and meets the growing demand for power density furthering our commitment to green data center technology” stated Lenny Chesal, Host.net’s CMO.

The initiative included adding blanking panels in client cabinets, additional CRAC units, and a substantial upgrade in commercial, UPS, and generator power. “We are ready for the future and have the ability to offer more power per cabinet than our competitors without requiring our clients to add space when they only need power” added Mr. Chesal. This installation is another milestone for Host.net as it continues to provide its clients with the latest cutting-edge technologies. “Other colocation providers have reported results of IT load per rack up to 3 times standard load without changing the environmental conditions and a significant drop in measured PUE” according to Host.net Director of Facilities, Daniel Calderon.

Host.net’s Cold Aisle Containment milestones are:

• Increase the facility set-point from 72 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit
• Maintain cold aisle temperatures
• Lower energy consumption
• Increase cooling capacity
• Lower IT equipment inlet temperatures

To achieve these milestones, Host.net evaluated multiple vendors and ultimately chose Subzero Engineering. Their cutting edge manufacturing facility enables them to create containment systems and products that have a superior fit and finish as well as incredible durability. Combined, its people design, manufacture and create intelligent containment environments. Additionally, Subzero Engineering is the proven leader with over 1,500 Cold Aisle Containment Systems deployed globally, a suite of enterprise monitoring tools, and a US based customer support team that stands behind every solution they deploy.

Host.net colocation solutions offer a “World-Class”, enterprise-level, safe and secure data center environment with redundant and robust network connections for companies to place mission-critical infrastructure including servers, storage devices, and VoIP switches. Host.net has multiple data centers available to protect data and applications as well as a hybrid solution of colocation and “cloud” services leveraging its proprietary 4cNxGn Smart Cloud Architecture™.

About Host.net

Host.net is a multinational provider of managed infrastructure services focusing on cloud computing and storage, colocation, connectivity and business continuity for enterprise organizations. The company operates multiple enterprise class data centers and geographically diverse cloud platforms connected to an extensive fiber optic backbone designed to connect their clients to their suite of managed services. It serves customers in most major metropolitan regions of North America as well as portions of Europe. Founded in 1996, Host.net is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida.