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Electrical Package for Cleanrooms Now Available from Simplex

Learn about our “twist-lock” electrical wiring package.

A convenient “Twist-Lock” electrical wiring package is now available to outfit new SIS-797, SIS-212 and AirLock enclosures with everything needed for quick utilization after installation. Unlike traditional hard wiring methods which require extensive involvement from electricians, Simplex’s “Twist-Lock” pre-engineered package can be quickly and easily locked together by the enclosure installers—requiring an electrician only for the final service connection.

new modular cleanroom electrical package illustration

“The electrical package can be 100% customized to meet the needs of the enclosure’s application,” said Jason Steele, Product Development Manager for Simplex Isolation Systems. “For example—equipment placement, counter heights and voltage requirements are all taken into consideration and accommodated for when designing electrical outlet or switch placement.”

Simplex offers pre-engineered “Twist-Lock” electrical wiring for components such as lights, HEPA filters and electrical outlets. All switches, outlet boxes and wiring fit neatly into Simplex’s standard framing system for a clean, professional look. All wiring is brought to a convenient distribution box atop the enclosure where an electrician can finish the installation by connecting the single point connection to a power source.

Notable benefits of the electrical package include:

  • Cost
    Fast and easy installation without an electrician lowers overall labor costs.
  • Versatility
    Modular wiring can be reconfigured and reused if a change to the enclosure is made.
  • Reliability
    “Twist-Lock” technology ensures secure electrical connections.
  • Time
    Complete electrical package reduces the total time needed for installation.
  • Convenience
    “Twist-Lock” electrical connections securely lock together, allowing installation while the enclosure is still being assembled.

“After receiving a great deal of demand for custom electrical wiring to outfit our cleanrooms and enclosures, we are pleased to announce the addition of our “Twist-Lock” electrical package to our list of value-added services,” said Steele. “The custom-built feature coupled with the benefits of cost reduction and time savings have made our distributors and end-users very happy.”