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Don’t cage your computer!

Subzero Engineering is partnering with Colo providers in creating cageless solutions for their customers.

Here’s what we are doing. We have combined Subzero’s aisle end doors, with auto close and locking features, along with airflow management cabinets that safely lock each cabinet to create a safe Colo environment that does not require cages.

• Locking Aisle End Doors
• Locking Cabinets
• Auto Close
• Complete Airflow Separation

Advances in containment and cabinets have created a fully secure colo environment without traditional wired cages. Instead secure aisle end doors, retractable roofs, and biometric locks create an easy to deploy, secure space for IT equipment.

A typical deployment includes:

• Locks can range from simple keyed, to biometric
• Auto closing doors that prevent accidental access
• Locking aisle end doors
• Locking cabinets
• Retractable roof system