Video Overview

Join us in celebrating the remarkable women driving innovation and excellence at Subzero Engineering and Senneca Holdings. In this video, we shine a spotlight on some of the extraordinary women within our team who defy stereotypes and push boundaries in the tech and manufacturing sectors.

These women continue to excel in their roles, contributing invaluable expertise and leadership to our organization. Through their stories and perspectives, we are inspired to challenge the status quo and champion gender parity in our industry.

Get to know these exceptional women firsthand as they share insights into their roles, experiences, and contributions to our team. Join us as we amplify their voices and recognize their invaluable contributions to Subzero and Senneca Holdings.

Further highlights include:

  • Chelsea Traver
    “One of the key ways to empower is to give people the ability to make decisions. 
  • Jane Neil
    Women in management positions and leadership positions speak volumes to the younger females.
  • Liz Carranza
    The more people you have with different backgrounds and the different approaches that you have, the more well-rounded you become.
  • Makenna Deamer
    When you are surrounded by people who know and trust you as a good engineer, being a female engineer is no different than being a male one.