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California Title 24 – It’s a Hole in One!

About Title 24

On July 1, 2014 California’s new energy efficiency standards went into effect. Title 24 will require, among other things 1) prohibiting reheat in computer rooms and 2) containment in large, high-density data centers with air-cooled computers. In order to prevent hot air from mixing with air that’s been mechanically chilled, data centers will need to modify their existing facilities to provide hot and cold aisle containment.

Why is Title 24 a good thing for data centers everywhere?

Data centers worldwide can benefit from the research done by the State of California. For instance, California determined that a 20,000 sq. ft. data center with a load of 100 Watts per sq. ft. could save up to a whopping $10,500,000 per year on energy expenses by implementing four energy efficient strategies. Imagine the potential savings when a nationwide effort is made?

State Requirements Vs. Corporate Initiative

No doubt state requirements are a great way to get companies to comply with new efficiency standards. That said, most states don’t have the requirements that California has. Should this cause corporations to lower their green initiatives? Of course not! Containment is an easy way to save money and make a contribution to lowering their carbon footprint. Hundreds of companies have installed containment systems, saved money, and increased the reliability of their cooling solution. Why not your company?

What’s next?

While many data centers have an ‘area’ of containment, the real energy savings only comes when all of the cooling air is separated from supply, to return – site wide. This requires a data center wide containment solution. Check out the ways Subzero Engineering has addressed the many aspects of data center wide containment.

Join California and dozens of other companies who have made a commitment to a site-wide containment solution.