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Cabinet Access Control with Polar PDUs

Polar PDU Cabinet Access Control provides an easy-to-use and economical networked electronic lock solution for data center cabinets.

Integration with Polar Power Distribution Unites (PDUs) removes the need to power and network the locks separately. Use a single network connection to deliver power, environmental monitoring, and access control.

All PDUs with auxiliary ports (manufactured after March 2017) support Cabinet Access Control. This allows Polar PDUs to provide a networked locking solution for cabinets. Users can remotely control and monitor cabinet access and keep a log for security requirements. One network connection can support up to 16 cabinets or 32 locks.

Key Features

  • Electronic swing handle with integrated sensors for lock and latch status, monitoring and alarm functions
  • Power for lock operation delivered through Polar PDU
  • Remote unlock capability
  • User-configurable unlock time delay
  • High-security lock with mechanical key override
  • Reader recognizes existing employee 125kHz or 13.56 MHz RFID cards
  • Bi-color LED (blue/magenta) to indicate lock and handle status
  • Event logging for auditing purposes, regulatory compliance
  • Integration with LDAP and Radius for added security
  • High temperature rating supports use in hot aisle environments
  • Must be used with Polar PDUs that have auxiliary 1 and 2 ports (PDUs manufactured after March 2017)

Use With

• Monitored Polar PDUs
• Monitored Plus Polar PDUs
• Switched Polar PDUs
• Switched Plus Polar PDUs