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  • Let Subzero help make your data center more efficient.

    Let Subzero help make your data center more efficient.

    Our team of experts can design a custom data center solution that can be installed in just a few weeks.

    • Hot & Cold Aisle Containment
    • Isolated Equipment Containment
    • CFDs (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
    • Power
    • Cabinets
    • Energy Assessments


    The Subzero Arctic Enclosure was designed to support the dynamic needs of today’s data centers by supporting airflow management needs out of the box. This enclosure can support all types of data center demands from low density, to high density; data closets, to enterprise data centers.

    • 81%+ Open Perforation Pattern
    • All 5 Airflow Areas Sealed
    • Chimney Cabinets Available
    • Static Weight Load Capacity: 3,000 lbs.
    • Dynamic Weight Load Capacity: 2,400 lbs.
    • Available in white, black & color matching

    InfraStrut Technology
    Four sides of 1-5/8″ strut on the top of each cabinet can connect cable trays, power equipment, and containment systems. Spring nuts used for drill-free and easy installation.



    Subzero now combines our cutting edge containment and cabinet solutions with power management. These items combined create the most powerful ‘plug and play’ solution in the industry. Over 200 configurations of the Polar PDUs are available to be custom configured.

    • Remote Monitoring and Alarms
    • Easy To Read Central Display
    • Secure Array – Connect Up To 32 PDUs
    • Quick and Easy Network Setup
    • HAC Ready – High Temperature Rating Up To 149°F
    • Basic Polar PDU
    • Monitored Polar PDU
    • Monitored Plus Polar PDU
    • Switched Polar PDU
    • Switched Plus Polar PDU



    Subzero’s cutting edge containment is custom built to meet our customer’s most daunting challenges. Hot Aisle Containment, Cold Aisle Containment, Isolated Equipment Containment, Doors, Roofs, Retractable Roofs, Floor Panels, Above Rack Panels… We have your data center covered.
    Containment Benefits

    • Reduced Energy Consumption
    • Increased Rack Population
    • Increased Equipment Up-time
    • Longer Hardware Life
    • Increased Cooling Capacity
    • Consistent Acceptable Supply to IT Intake
    • More Power Available for IT Equipment

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