Cabinet Access Control with Polar PDUs

Cabinet Access Control with Polar PDUs

Polar PDU Cabinet Access Control provides an easy-to-use and economical networked electronic lock solution for data center cabinets. Integration with Polar Power Distribution Unites (PDUs) removes the need to power and network the locks separately. Use a single network connection to deliver power, environmental monitoring, and access control.

All PDUs with auxiliary ports (manufactured after March 2017) support Cabinet Access Control. This allows Polar PDUs to provide a networked locking solution for cabinets. Users can remotely control and monitor cabinet access and keep a log for security requirements. One network connection can support up to 16 cabinets or 32 locks.

Key Features

  • Electronic swing handle with integrated sensors for lock and latch status, monitoring and alarm functions
  • Power for lock operation delivered through Polar PDU
  • Remote unlock capability
  • User-configurable unlock time delay
  • High-security lock with mechanical key override
  • Reader recognizes existing employee 125kHz or 13.56 MHz RFID cards
  • Bi-color LED (blue/magenta) to indicate lock and handle status
  • Event logging for auditing purposes, regulatory compliance
  • Integration with LDAP and Radius for added security
  • High temperature rating supports use in hot aisle environments
  • Must be used with Polar PDUs that have auxiliary 1 and 2 ports (PDUs manufactured after March 2017)

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For more information view the Polar PDU Cabinet Access Control Tech Sheet.

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Power Management from Subzero – Polar PDUs

Power Management from Subzero – Polar PDUs

Polar Power Distribution Units (PDUs) provide the ultimate solution for combining cabinet level power management, environmental monitoring, and cabinet access control in multi-tenant and enterprise data centers. With innovative features such as Secure Link IP consolidation and integrated Cabinet Access Control, Polar PDUs offer the quickest and lowest cost deployment among all intelligent rack PDU solutions in the industry. With high ambient temperature ratings, locking outlets, models that support up to 100 Amps, and a high number of C13 and C19 outlets, Polar PDUs are the ideal solution for any high-density environment.

Check the blog over the next few weeks for more information on our Polar PDUs.

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Subzero’s Polar PDUs

Subzero’s Polar PDUs

Power management in the data center is all about being connected.

Whether you need to connect past technology to current standards or prepare current technology for what’s coming in the future — you need a Power Management Partner that provides cutting edge products along with the ability to choose functionality. You also need the ability to correlate cooling airflow with power distribution.

Power & Cooling
You can’t have one without the other.

Partner with Subzero for your Power Management Solution.

Subzero Engineering now combines our cutting edge containment and cabinet solutions with power management. These items combined create the most powerful ‘plug and play’ solution in the industry.

Power + InfraStrut Cabinets + Containment

Over 200 configurations of the Polar PDUs are available to be custom configured to our Arctic Enclosures that are then modularly connected to our containment for a precise fit and function. Designed, manufactured, and shipped together means faster delivery and setup.

Polar Power — Turn IT on.

Find out more about Polar PDUs.

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