Take Some of the Guesswork out of Data Center Efficiency

Take Some of the Guesswork out of Data Center Efficiency

Subzero understands how complicated it can be when trying to figure out how to save energy and money in your data center and we are here to help make it easier. Our Senior CFD Manager, Gordon Johnson, has created an easy-to-use calculator suite that can help you figure out some of those complicated scenarios and point you in the right direction.

The Subzero Calculator Suite consists of 6 calculators and can be downloaded in both US units and SI units.

1. ROI Calculator
Calculate the annual cost of operating your data center and estimate the yearly savings after installing containment and increasing the supply temperature from the CRACs. You can also estimate new PUE after containment and the ROI payback of a containment project based on the total cost.

2. VFD Calculator
Lowering the fan speeds on CRACs, especially after installing containment, saves energy and money. This calculator allows you to enter before and after fan speed, CRAC CFM, and fan motor power, and via the Fan Affinity Law provides the new fan motor power and the annual $ savings based on the new fan speed.

3. CRAC Annual Cost Calculator
Determine the total annual cost of running a CRAC unit by entering a few details.

4. CRAC Cooling Calculator
Determine the true kW of cooling from any CRAC or cooling unit based on airflow (CFM) and the Delta T (return air temperature – supply air temperature) across the CRAC.

5. Airflow CFM Calculator
Determine airflow in CFM needed to cool a rack based on the rack’s kW and the Delta T (temperature rise of air through the servers). Determine if you meet your design cooling capacity of supply airflow from the CRACs versus demand airflow from the IT equipment.

6. UPS kW Calculator
Determine the UPS Heat Load (kW) based on user inputs of UPS power rating, UPS % load, and UPS % efficiency.


Need more help?
Let one of our DCEP, CDCDP Certified Engineers help your data center reach its full potential.

Computational Fluid Dynamics – Subzero Engineering offers Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) services from accredited CDCDP, DCEP professionals, thus providing a comprehensive approach to modeling the airflow, temperature, and creating an accurate energy profile of a data center.

Through state-of-the-art software, we construct a 3D layout of your data center. This layout models the hot and cold airflow within your facility, as well as the impact of load distribution. This allows Subzero’s engineering team to develop a baseline from which improvements can be noted and potential savings calculated. The engineers that perform the CFD services for Subzero have CDCDP (Certified Data Center Design Professional) and DCEP (Data Center Energy Practitioner) accreditation.

Energy Assessments – With the ever-increasing rise in data center energy consumption, all in the industry as well as the United States Department of Energy (DOE) have been looking at ways, strategies and programs to reduce this consumption.

Subzero Engineering has sent a team through the DCEP training and has been helping customers realize their potential savings. Utilizing the DOE toolset DC Profiler, Utilizing the DOE toolset DC Profiler, Subzero’s DCEP Certified Engineers can help you with many important items.

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Utility Rebates & Energy Effeciency

Utility Rebates & Energy Effeciency

Virtustream receives energy rebate from Pacific Gas and Electric Company

San Francisco
Virtustream’s efforts to reduce cooling energy consumption paid off handsomely this past week as PG&E awarded the enterprise class cloud solution provider a large utility rebate. Virtustream tasked Subzero Engineering to provide airflow management in the form of aisle based containment, rack enclosures, and a wireless environmental monitoring system called PolarXpress. This resulted in a lower supply temperature at the rack, which in turn lead to safely increasing CRAC temperature set points. During this time, Virtustream even added several new servers. The overall energy savings was 544,521.5 kWh!

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“Ready for the Future” a multinational provider of managed infrastructure services has just finished a final stage of a year long initiative to increase efficiency in their data centers. The Boca Raton based company is now able to offer more power per cabinet than competitors due to the recent installation of a cold aisle containment system from Subzero Engineering. Lenny Chesal,’s CMO, stated ” The CAC project is the final stage of a year-long initiative to increase efficiency in our data centers and meets the growing demand for power density furthering our commitment to green data center technology”. Subzero Engineering was chosen as the CAD provider due to their cutting edge manufacturing, superior fit and finish and incredible durability. Combined with the experience of installing over 1,500 systems world-wide another key value add is their US based customer support team that stands behind every solution they deploy.

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If losing track of power feeds is making you see red, it’s time to add more colors. Keep the power flowing through your data center with Raritan’s full-colored PDU solutions. Our intelligent rack PDUs come in eleven different colors that along with our SecureLock™ cords will help you to ensure there will never be a misplaced cable again. Discover five surprising reasons to add color to your data center with our Free eBook.

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Data Center Tour by The New York Times Features a Subzero Containtment System

Data Center Tour by The New York Times Features a Subzero Containtment System

James Glanz of The New York Times and Ken Brill, an expert in the field, tour a data center and cover the topics of data center cooling, cold aisle containment, backup power management, and energy efficiency.

A Subzero cold aisle containment system is shown at the 2:52 minute mark in the video. This is a large data center that features 6 backup diesel generators that could power a small city of about 30,000 people.

Link to video:

Cold aisle containment systems typically include aisle end doors and a roof system so as to contain the supply airflow to the intake of the IT and server equipment. Cold aisle containment ensures uniform and predictable air temperature at the IT intake, allowing equipment to be cooled to manufactures’ specifications.

Learn more about cold aisle containment here.

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