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Check out our new fully NFPA compliant retractable roof system!

This game changing roof system ensures that the containment roof obstruction is fully removed electronically when a smoke detector is alarmed. Additional benefits include the ability to wirelessly open the roof for maintenance above the containment, modular design allowing for increase or decrease of size, ease of deployment, and the continue reading

Data Center World Spring 2014 Conference was a blast!

We had a great time at the Data Center World Spring 2014 Conference. We met with some amazing people, showed off our new products, worked with a fantastic film crew, learned how to apply for and receive utility rebates with environmental monitoring from Larry Mainers, and enjoyed some of the continue reading

What’s new at Subzero Engineering for 2014

At Subzero Engineering we are always looking for new ways to improve our products, by making them more energy efficient, NFPA compliant, and adding more standard features. This year is no exception! We have been working hard taking our world class products and ma king them even better. Here are a few of the continue reading

Airflow Management’s Role in Data Center Cooling Capacity

New White Paper – Airflow Management’s Role in Data Center Cooling Capacity, by Larry Mainers Airflow management (AFM) is changing the way data centers cool the IT thermal load. In the simplest terms AFM is the science of separating the cooling supply from the hot return airflow. AFM’s impact on cooling capacity is continue reading

Subzero is pleased to announce that the chairperson of the Data Center World Conference suggests our talk on Energy Rebates as one of the top 13 sessions to attend.

Larry Mainers, CEO of Subzero Engineering will be giving a session explaining “How to Apply and Receive Utility Rebates with Environmental Monitoring Systems”. This case study will show how a California data center received a large rebate from PG&E after DCEP trained experts implemented a wireless monitoring system that provided key continue reading

Utility Rebates & Energy Effeciency

Virtustream receives energy rebate from Pacific Gas and Electric Company San Francisco Virtustream’s efforts to reduce cooling energy consumption paid off handsomely this past week as PG&E awarded the enterprise class cloud solution provider a large utility rebate. Virtustream tasked Subzero Engineering to provide airflow management in the form of aisle based continue reading

More Than Just Data…

Subzero has added RCI indicators that give an ‘at-a-glance’ view of the efficiency of your data center cooling program. The RCI or Rack Cooling Index was created by Magnus Herrlin President of ANCIS Inc. of San Francisco California. This methodology is designed to measure how effectively IT equipment racks are cooled and maintained within ASHRAE thermal guidelines and standards.

The Relationship Between Containment and DCiM

The separation of supply and return airflow is a well-known way to create huge efficiencies in cooling IT equipment. Subzero’s average containment project drops the IT intake temperature around 10 degrees. Left alone, the containment POD will deliver a consistent, predictable, and reliable supply temperature with little to no difference from the bottom to the top of the rack, and from one end to the other end of the aisle.

Disrupt the Status Quo

The similarities of the buying process for an IT Enclosure can be as frustrating as buying a car. Ford people will never be caught owning a Chevy and Chevy folks would rather walk than drive a Ford. It seems that purchasing enclosures fall into the same scenario. Even though there continue reading